Tagzthai: Create a Social Circle for Top Traffic Traders

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  In August 2020, TagzThai entered into Thailand from Guangzhou, China. Tagzthai is dedicated to providing software platforms for delivering value-added services (VAS) for users such as mobile operators, telecom operators, service providers, government informatization, large and medium-sized enterprises, etc.

   Tagzthai's goal is to create a social circle for top traffic traders, including education, e-commerce, retail, offline, and services to the entire industry! The goal is to realize a substantial-high-quality social network resource library, a resource matrix gathered by traffic owners, brand owners, supply chains, service providers, platform parties, and various traders.

   Tagzthai provides brand case planning services,  to meet the needs of different customers.

1. Brand case planning service takes product as the basis and brand as the core to comprehensively adjust the planning activities of enterprise and market operation, including brand plan, product plan, new product listing plan, etc., and be responsible for the implementation.

2. Brand project module service defines the service content according to the project module, designs and formulates plans under the guidance of consultants, and conducts publicity and counseling to corporate personnel.

3. The annual brand consulting service focuses on the year according to the time and scope of service content. The enterprise team is the main body, and the consultant provides guidance and reference advice within the prescribed scope.

  Since 2003, our company has obtained the Software Function Maturity Model 5 (CMMI5) certificate recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense in the United States and was selected as a model enterprise "Innovation Pilot Enterprise" in 2011. Founded in 2000, Tagzthai is a service organization focusing on media marketing. Its R&D center and management headquarters are located in Guangzhou. It is known as the software industry base under the attention of Guangzhou Tianhe Software Co., Ltd. Our company is a leading provider of IT solutions and professional services with 20 years of experience. It is recognized as a critical software enterprise in the national planning layout, a national high-tech enterprise, a backbone enterprise in Guangzhou Tianhe Software Park, and a federal computer information system integration level 4 Qualified enterprise, a trustworthy enterprise, etc. Broadening the boundaries of leading technology and innovation, Tagzthai continues to shape the future of advanced technology Internet.

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