Spokesperson Mrs Esther Teo Siao Ki In The Mahasamaya Sutta Online Chanting Course Completion Ceremony


(WAki International Media Center 29th December) Spokesperson Mrs Esther Teo Siao Ki In The Mahasamaya Sutta Online Chanting Course on 26th November 2021.

Good day to my dharma families from all around the world. I am very grateful that we are able to gather via zoom regardless of our whereabouts. It is sad to have this pandemic, but due to it too that we are gathered now, everything happens at its right time just like the Buddha's teaching that we need to live at the present moment.

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I would like to thank Chao Khun Laow for making our little dream comes true. Thank you Mr. Teo for supporting us throughout the course. Thank you to all the participants who joined us to complete the course together. Actually it started with a small idea where my sister as well as my dharma mates Dhammesi, Ee, Jing and Wei Shi that we wanted to learn something together and to stay together even though we are so far from each other due to pandemic.

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We believe that having a strong and calm mind helps us to pass through this pandemic. During this hard time, without a doubt, Dharma is important for us and chanting is one of the best ways. We are indeed blessed to have a big dharma family at the end of this course. Hopefully, we can have meditation class together next time.

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Lastly, congratulations to all of us that we have completed the course today. It is such a great success for we have come this far and able to finish our Mahasamaya chanting classes. Thank you everyone for your determination, hard work and corporation in making this graduation happened. Thank you to my dhamma family!

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Once again, I would like to thank everyone of you and very grateful to have all of you for the past 10 weeks and we will surely miss our classes. hopefully we can meet each other face to face soon.

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