UXXBpay payment system will be launched soon


UXXBpay is fundamentally different from digital currencies in the traditional world, where they replace the use of money, although they have their advantages in cross-border transactions, virtual applications, and even currency conversion. The digital currency has a unique advantage due to its usability and relevance. UXXBPAY is fundamentally different from this type of currency.

To begin with a background introduction to UXXBPAY, the goal of UXXBPAY is not to replace existing banking infrastructure or fiat currencies, but to complement and connect them with a wide range of partners interconnected through blockchain payment systems. the UXXBPAY network is a licensed settlement layer that avoids the direct transfer of fiat currencies while still enabling participants to conduct efficient and secure cross-border transactions. As an optimized liquidity management layer, UXXBPAY aims to develop a series of systems to facilitate liquidity between partners and the ecosystem. With a decentralized, distributed bookkeeping model, the project also offers several advantages on top of the blockchain.

How does UXXBpay perform in terms of security? UXXBPAY adopts the basic technology of blockchain and perfects its multi-scene application function through technical support, so the technology covers a wide range and involves the basic technology focus of the blockchain system such as the newization, which means that there is no problem in its security.

For example, in the field of traditional blockchain payment, the payment protocol used is completely in accordance with Coin/Token, with the characteristics of decentralization, and numerous nodes are formed in the whole blockchain system, and each node has the same information copied. UXXBPAY follows the corresponding technology in the blockchain field in terms of payment protocol, and connects online and offline merchants and cryptocurrencies, which can effectively avoid any transaction risks in the chain through this model. This model effectively avoids any risk of transactions in the chain.

The advantages of UXXBpay are not found in other previously emerged currencies, and for this reason, it is far more useful than other types of tokens, although Bitcoin and Litecoin are still in the leading position in the market, there is a significant difference in the growth of their value and expectations compared to UXXBpay.

UXXBpay's advantages are comprehensive, so the future stage can be applied to the production sector, connecting online and offline, and the prospect of using it in a number of fields such as pharmacy chains, the elderly sector, and even the production sector is very broad. At present, blockchain technology has been used in many industry enterprises in the economic field. Digital credit and cross-border payment have become the dominant trend. For social and economic development, blockchain is no longer a future trend, but a topic that must be paid attention to now, and UXXBPAY and other types of projects will also drive a new trend of wealth creation.

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