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Meckiss Facial Cleanser with Bioecolia Balanced Skin Micro-ecology

Recent years, health method of probiotics is popular all over the world. In fact, as far back as 1982, Estee Lauder rolled out Advanced Night Repair with probiotics. Thereafter, a large number of niche brands and luxury brands have followed suit. They produced various skin care products including facial cleanser, mask and cream. Meckiss followed closely, and entered the initial market of probiotic



​“Penang Adventist Hospital memang cukup dikenali dan akrab di kalangan orang Indonesia, karena pendekatan holistik dan layanan yang ditawarkan kepada pasien,” demikian Ronald Koh, CEO Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH).


XTransfer Foreign Trade Advance Index Points to Resilience of China's Smaller Exporters

FinTech startup found cause for celebration after tracking trade payment collection by small and medium trading firms since last December.


"Two Cities and One Center" in Jiangbei New Area Is a Chinese Chip City with Global Influence

Along the coast of the Northern Yangtze River, on land that is about the size of the Silicon Valley in America, Jiangbei New Area in Nanjing is fully powering its integrated circuit industry and strengthening the "chips" in China. This is a new central city in Nanjing and a city of chips facing the future, where an integrated circuit industrial cluster at the level of hundreds of billions yuan wil



Tak jauh di seberang sana. Sepertinya, banyak yang ingin dipahami, terlepas dari anak jaman now atau bukan. Perubahan sedang terjadi.


Trump’s Trade War Against China is Ruining the Globalization that America Founded

President Trump’s trade war with China and its increasing disengagement on the world stage threaten to undermine global economic growth, according to the former head of the Bank of England, and the outgoing head of the IMF.


Trump's trade war with China has led to a Huge Cost

President Donald Trump is set to sign a "phase one" trade deal with China on Wednesday, but the agreement -- which has been almost two years in the making -- won't lift the tariffs he's imposed on Chinese-made goods.


Alimama Berinvestasi Semu Lebih Dari 100 Juta Dolar Di Indonesia

Sudah lebih dari setengah tahun sejak awal epidemi, dan ekonomi global masih lesu. Tampaknya hanya sektor terkait e-commerce yang memimpin tetapi tidak yang lain. Dengan demikian, valuasi pasar dari platform belanja online terkenal seperti Amazon, Alibaba, Lazada, Tokopedia, Shopee, Rakuten, dll. terus melonjak.


DeFi MerchantCoin builds a new ecology of Internet finance + blockchain 3.0

In recent years, with the advent of blockchain technology, the digital economy has broken the high threshold of oligopoly in the financial sector. Blockchain technology has subversively broken the original shackles from the commercial level, allowing every user to become a creator and promoter of economic value. From oligarchs to the masses, from centralization to decentralization, this is not onl


Tagzthai: Create a Social Circle for Top Traffic Traders

In August 2020, TagzThai entered into Thailand from Guangzhou, China. Tagzthai is dedicated to providing software platforms for delivering value-added services (VAS) for users such as mobile operators, telecom operators, service providers, government informatization, large and medium-sized enterprises, etc.

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