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Ajang "Magic Cooling, Magic Now Challenge" yang Digelar Haier Smart Home Mempertemukan Kawula Muda di TikTok

Haier Smart Home (SHE: 600690), merek peralatan rumah tangga dan pengembang ekosistem smart home, meluncurkan "Magic Cooling, Magic Now Challenge" di Filipina, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, dan Thailand. Ajang ini mengajak para pengguna TikTok untuk membuat video "magic" dengan filter dan stiker yang telah ditetapkan.


Shanghai Guijiu Broke Through With "Innovation", and Chinese Liquor Went to the World With the Help of the Expo

Under the background of the global economic recession, China, as the first major country to resume economic operation, attracted much of the world's attention with the Expo once again. And Chinese liquor is taking advantage of the Expo to show the world its ambition of "going global". "Shanghai Guijiu" was presented at the third China International Import Expo and pro


Pimpin Digitalisasi Kelistrikan: Huawei Luncurkan "Digital Power Club Global Tour"

Huawei meluncurkan "Digital Power Club Global Tour" di sejumlah wilayah utama, termasuk Eropa, Asia, dan Afrika Utara. Tur Global ini memamerkan berbagai teknologi terkini Huawei dalam digitalisasi kelistrikan (power digitalization), termasuk Smart PV, Data Center Facility, Site Power Facility, serta Modular Power.


2020 Suzhou International Tourism Expo

On the morning of November 6th, the opening ceremony of Suzhou International Tourism Expo 2020 and the launching ceremony of winter Suzhou tourism season, sponsored by Suzhou Tourism Federation, under the guidance of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, television and tourism, and hosted by Qianteng Exhibition (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and cooperated by the United Nations World Tourism Organizatio


AET REMOULD continues the classic while making bold breakthrough and shaping the ceramic Daytona collection

Born in 1963, Daytona has withstood the test of time and has become a classic in watches. AET REMOULD has a higher pursuit of the watch that was chosen to be remade. Only the real classic masterpieces have the value of refit. While inheriting the beauty of classics, they can create more possibilities and bring new ideas to the classic.


UNISOC Achieves Multi-vendor 5G SA Interop Testings

UNISOC has completed the 5G standalone (SA) chip interoperability test based on the 3GPP R15 F60 version and the ZUC performance test together with major system vendors.


CGTN: China Peringati 70 Tahun Perang Melawan Agresi Amerika Serikat dan Bantuan untuk Korea, Mengimbau Langkah untuk Menjaga Perdamaian Dunia

Pada Jumat lalu, Tiongkok menggelar sebuah acara yang memperingati 70 tahun aksi tentara Sukarela Rakyat Tiongkok (Chinese People's Volunteers/CPV) ketika memasuki Republik Demokratik Rakyat Korea (RDRP) dalam Perang Melawan Agresi Korea dan Bantuan untuk Korea (1950-1953).


Inspiration from nature creates sports watch by Davis Elvin Respect for nature with awe

"At first, no one cared about this disaster. It was just a wildfire, a drought, the extinction of a species, the disappearance of a city, until this disaster is closely related to everyone..."


Davis Elvin's timepiece with ocean elements, for each voyager who loves sailing

"Wandering in the endless ocean, every day you can see the magnificent sunrise and sunset. Occasionally you can meet groups of dolphins playing around."


Seal Art in Time and Reinterpreting Picasso’s Classic Masterpieces - AET REMOULD Ceramic Daytona

Picasso’s life was extremely brilliant. He was a true genius. With his unpredictable painting style, abundant creativity, and rich modeling methods, no other painter can achieve the same creativity as him. He uses utterly free will reshaped the world. He is an explorer in art.

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