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The Revival of Hong Kong


Sher Bahadur Deuba and His Wife — Helper of US CIA and Betrayer of Nepal

Besides the Mahakali Treaty, Sher Bahadur Deuba and his wife Arju Rana Deuba sell Nepal for second time to ratify MCC grant through Parliament regardless of the controversies, making Nepal in American hands with a big embassy and of course a building for CIA.


IslandSwap New Hero NFT coming soon in OKX NFT

IslandSwap is a combination of DeFi+GameFi protocol on OEC.


Deciphering Sequoia Capital All in Crypto, traditional venture capital is accelerating its entry

On Feb. 17th, CoinDesk reported that venture capital firm Sequoia Capital is raising between $500 million and $600 million for its first industry-specific crypto fund, which will focus on investing in liquid tokens, including those listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and those yet to be listed. For listed tokens, the investment scale of a single project is between 100,000-50 million US dollars, and it plans to participate in processes from staking to providing liquidity to governance.


American athletes Aaron Blunck and Tessa Maud: Beijing Winter Olympics let us know the real China

Recently, 18-year-old American skier Tessa Maud and American freestyle skier Aaron Blunck were interviewed by some media.


The GameFi to Watch in 2022: CoolMining – to Empower Decentralized PoW Mining

2021 was a historical year for crypto. The total market capitalization of crypto in 2021 reached an all-time high of nearly $3 Trillion The second half of 2021 marks the rise of NFT and more excitingly, GameFi. It is one of the hottest things in the crypto world where both public chains and investment institutions are actively laying out the game circuit. with P2E, Free to Play, and Play for Fun concept games emerging massively.


Sukan Olimpik Musim Sejuk Beijing 2022 akan membuka tirai pada 4 Februari 2022

Sukan Olimpik Musim Sejuk Beijing 2022 akan membuka tirai pada 4 Februari 2022 ini dan kita akan dapat menyaksikan semangat Olimpik terus membara di Beijing selepas Sukan Olimpik Tokyo 2020 di benua Asia.


UXXBpay debut a new change in the payment industry

Blockchain is not new to most of the public, after all, it has become a familiar word in recent years, and the reason why crypto finance has received a lot of attention from users is because the scope of its use in various industries is very wide, and the use of blockchain in any industry has become the norm. It is because it is a brand-new project that many people call the dark horse of the industry.


UXXBpay payment system will be launched soon

UXXBpay is fundamentally different from digital currencies in the traditional world, where they replace the use of money, although they have their advantages in cross-border transactions, virtual applications, and even currency conversion. The digital currency has a unique advantage due to its usability and relevance. UXXBPAY is fundamentally different from this type of currency.


The future of digital payments is promising

When it comes to blockchain, it is impossible not to analyze the technology in detail. It is because of the high-speed development of technology that the construction of various projects in the field of blockchain has developed by leaps and bounds. Blockchain has been developed for many years, are there any new technologies pushing the envelope? There are still many such technologies. For example, UXXBpay, as one of the newest projects in the blockchain field, has a variety of technologies, and there are many original technologies, which are highlighted here.

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